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Discover the untapped potential in your organisation with our unique mental wellbeing survey system.

Mental wellbeing, or the lack of it, is costing your organisation in multiple ways. Think of it like driving a car with the brakes on slightly; the decrease in performance becomes ‘normal’ and you’re wearing out parts quicker and using more fuel. But if you released the resistance, the parts would last longer and you’d experience better performance with less effort.

Meaningful data

We built our sophisticated analytics around The Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) a simple survey developed for NHS Scotland by Warwick and Edinburgh Universities. It uses 14 positively phrased statements and covers both the feeling and functioning aspects of mental wellbeing. It was thoroughly researched, tested and validated in clinical trials and is considered the most accurate measure of mental wellbeing in populations.

Users worried about their mental wellbeing can also send a request for help directly from the survey allowing you to discover previously hidden issues. These situations can then be managed, avoiding both personal suffering and costly absences or presenteeism.

Anonymous by design

Research has shown that we answer more honestly if we know our answers are anonymous, so we have designed our system so that survey results are anonymous by default. Each survey respondent receives their own results but these stay confidential unless they choose to share them. If you want to track results at an individual level you can do so by either sending a unique survey link to each person or by creating appropriate questions to use as trackable attributes.

Create bespoke surveys for your organisation

Create bespoke surveys for your organisation by adding trackable attributes that provide you with the options to learn even more about how different groups are thinking and feeling. You can segment your survey responses by location, department, role, gender, length of service or any other metric you choose.

We focus on the solution not the problem

It’s human nature to focus on the problem, to look at how ‘bad’ results may be, but our job is to highlight the potential in your people and provide resources to help you realise that potential. It’s entirely possible for anyone to experience 100% of their mental wellbeing potential although few of us do. Our potentialometers show how much of our potential we are experiencing.

See how your organisation is thinking and feeling

The Mind Map displays every survey response as a bar graph, creating a clear visual display of the range of results. Colours denote the 5 possible statement responses and displays national averages for comparison.

If you added attributes to the survey, the system displays a map for each of the segments you’re tracking, allowing for comparisons between groups. This provides a unique insight into how your people are thinking and feeling.

Discover stress hot spots

Select the results you want to drill down into that you have chosen to track in your organisation. The system will then display a range of analytics for only the attributes chosen, allowing you to discover if any ‘stress hot spots’ exist.

Measure, Understand and Improve Mental Wellbeing In Your Organisation

We understand that many people within organisations are not yet convinced of the benefits of measuring mental wellbeing. It is our sincere hope that the 13 minute video below may help to demonstrate why we believe: If you measure it, you can manage it.

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