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Register for your free mental wellbeing survey today.

Also, receive our free wellbeing survey results guide and 70 tips for improving wellbeing and feeling better.

It’s free and only takes a minute.

Our NHS survey only takes a minute to complete and measures both the functioning and feeling aspects of mental wellbeing.

Receive your results instantly and anonymously. Nobody will know your score unless you choose to share it.

Understand and Improve.

Along with your results you’ll receive a guide that explains the scores with instant access to 70 tips for improving wellbeing. These 5 tips for each of the 14 aspects measured in the survey, could help to improve how you feel straight away.

Our Inner Balance Coaching System.

To really improve your mental wellbeing and transform how you think, feel and perform, join our Inner Balance Coaching System to gain full access to a wide range of specialist support and resources.

It’s Time To Change

The new skills have helped me to become more present and connected with a deeper understanding of life, its been brilliant and I can safely say my life is now an even better place.

Mitch Tonks

Restauratuer, Founder of Rockfish

“I've experienced the benefits both personally and professionally, so I believe in Monkey Mind!”

Emma Gallagher

Assistant Principal South Dartmoor Community College
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“All the knowledge I’ve gained from helping thousands of clients to think, feel and perform better has gone into this system, which means you can now access my specialist coaching techniques for an entire year, for the same cost as one of my private sessions!”

Graham McDowell (HPD DHP)

Mindfulness Coach, Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist
Monkey Mind
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