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Inner Balance Coaching System Resources Include

Whiteboard Animation Videos

These simple mind coaching videos demystify mental wellbeing, explaining how our brains and minds work, why we become anxious and stressed and how disorders develop. Contains tips and techniques to help make positive life changes.

A Mindful Month

Mindfulness for busy people short on time with an 8 minute video every day for a month, joining the journey of two volunteers during four mindfulness sessions, cut into bite size chunks making it easier to find the time to engage.

Coaching Videos

This series of 13 mindset coaching videos to help you think, feel and perform better, presented by mindfulness coach Graham McDowell are as close as you can get to 1-2-1 specialist coaching without spending hundreds of pounds on private sessions.


Learn to avoid suffering from high stress levels and manage challenging situations with more ease using our unique mindset coaching technique called PABLO. Full video mindset coaching course with pdf guide and supporting meditation track.

Audio Coherence Training

When we’re stressed our brainwaves and heart rhythm become incoherent. Restore balance by improving brain and heart coherence, listening to these audio tracks with brain entrainment, embedded in a relaxing natural soundscape.


The way we think determines the way we feel so our simple Reframe technique guides you step by step in how to re-train your brain and body to think and feel differently about events, situations or people.


Our 5-A-Day Way to Mental Wellbeing helps to encourage a pro-active approach to using our specialist mindset coaching resources and to developing positive habits that will naturally lead to feeling and performing better.

Regular Surveys

By taking our mental wellbeing survey regularly, you can stay aware of any of the 14 areas measured that may require attention and monitor your progress over time as you work on; thinking, feeling and performing better.

Wellbeing Tips

For each of the 14 aspects of mental wellbeing that are measured in our survey, we provide 5 tips to help you improve that area. So there are 70 tips in total that you can work through as part of your 5-a-day plan.

Better Sleep

We all function better with an improved sleep pattern so our guided sleep meditations help in the process of getting to sleep and sleeping longer. They also help to produce a better REM cycle, which leads to more restful sleep.

4Give & 4Get

This is a very simple but powerful technique for helping to release past trauma and suffering. Regular practice empowers the user to be able to move forward in life with greater peace and freedom.

Meditation Tracks

Don’t let the word meditation concern you. These are a range of beautifully produced audio tracks that you simply lie back and listen to and which can help you deal with or feel better about a wide range of issues. These are ideal for courses in mental health and wellbeing.

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