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Our NHS survey and mindfulness training helps individuals and organisations to measure, understand and improve their mental wellbeing.

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Only 2 in 5 employees work at peak performance. This costs the UK economy £15.1 billion per annum, almost double the business cost of absence from work.

Improve the mental wellbeing for yourself or an organisation in three simple steps.

Step One

Discover mental wellbeing scores for yourself or an entire organisation and see how much untapped potential exists with a free survey.

Step Two

Use our online Inner Balance Coaching System to better understand and improve mental wellbeing and performance.

Step Three

Run regular follow up surveys to monitor improvements in mental wellbeing levels and uncover potential issues.

Learn more about mindfulness training, feeling better and improving performance.
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Our Mental Wellbeing Survey System

Clinically Proven

We use a 14 point NHS survey developed by Warwick and Edinburgh Universities that is clinically proven and validated.


Our colour coded analytics provide a unique insight into how your organisation is thinking and feeling in real time.

Quick & Simple

Simply send out a unique link and your people can complete the positively phrased survey in around a minute.

Our Inner Balance Coaching System

24/7 Specialist Resources

Empower your people to better understand and improve their mental wellbeing with dedicated access to our specialist resources.

Improved Performance

An individual can only perform in accordance with their level of mental wellbeing so as MW increases, performance improves naturally.

Improved Productivity

As the mental wellbeing and performance of individuals improves the wellbeing and productivity of the organisation improves.

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